Hire Me 

Why should you hire me as your wedding photographer..?

Perhaps you are undecided about hiring a professional photographer...?

You may have a friend who has offered to get involved because he/she loves photography, and is rather good at it?

Take a moment to consider…

An amateur could be nervous or perhaps too relaxed on the day missing those moments that you want so much to treasure. You may be wondering where they are or what they are getting up to? When you need some key shots or just nice shots when you are talking to friends. You shouldn't have to worry about the photography and trust your wedding photographer to work his magic and enjoy your day. The number of times I have heard, 'I wish we hired a professional photographer.'

I have many years of experience in professional weddings, events, and portrait photography, the images I capture will always be considered images, that document the emotions on the day. I can see a photograph before it's been taken and will make sure I get into position to then capture it. I always make sure your friends and family are captured in the best possible light.

A smartly dressed, well-spoken master of social camouflage, and a stickler for the time. I will be there before I need to be.

I may also request a visit to the venue before the event to familiarise myself. I'm confident and friendly but not too confident that I’m not approachable, I want you to be able to grab me on the day and say ‘Hey Paul, can I have a photo with my friends. I endeavour to blend in, I shoot weddings from the inside-out and not the outside in.

This will get the best out of your guests, and more importantly it doesn’t feel like you are living your day on a photo shoot.

For my Brothers' wedding the Photographer took over an hour and a half to shoot the formal shots, I can get this done and dusted in no time, it's your day, not the photographers.

I’m not a clock watcher or interested in getting away early I work hard and the top of my list is making you happy with my results, often going the extra mile to help out whether it confetti or cufflinks, just ask, I’m yours for the duration.

Your Wedding Photographer,


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